The Overthrow Takes Siege of Wynwood Castle

We'll give you a moment to process that headline. Are you back with us? Great. Yes, the Overthrow staged a hostile take over -- via a real estate agent and signed lease -- of a castle located in Wynwood. Where is this castle located exactly?

Well, we spoke to Overthrow co-founder Samuel Baum, who responded to our nosy questions about the new space. He didn't give us an exact address, but that's where Google Maps and Street View come in handy. The Overthrow Castle, for a lack of a better name, is located an the intersection of NW 20th Street and Miami Court. It's actually in the former space occupied by Castle Yoga (how original!).

But nevermind the semantics, here is our very brief Q&A with Baum about the new venue.

New Times: Where is the Castle located?

Samuel Baum: It is an outpost on the border of Wynwood and the ghetto.

Rent money aside, why not do something on South Beach?

We searched far and wider and only found one castle, and it was not on South Beach.

What's the the purpose of the Overthrow Castle?

The Castle is a bastion where the restless minds of Miami and beyond can gather to philosophize, fantasize, and bastardize the status quo. And drink a lot of coffee.

Is it an event space or a nightclub?

It is a headquarters, a club house, a gallery, a coven, a studio, and 7,500-square-foot event space with a stage and a 1,200 person capacity.

What kind of events can we expect to be booked there?

Art shows, fashion shows, trunk shows, concerts, raves, special events, seances, and BBQs.

When will it officially open?

Overthrow is currently operating out of the Castle, but keep your ears to the ground for the first of many Overthrow Presents 'The Siege.'

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