III Points Festival

The Most Exciting Female Musicians Coming to III Points

The electronic music world has, in the past, been both fairly and unfairly targeted as a sausage fest granting women little access. But truthfully, most music genres we're familiar with today have such a history, and they've taken decades to try to rectify their lack of inclusivity.

At 2016’s III Points Music, Art, and Technology Festival, Hurricane Matthew will thankfully be old news, replaced by the encouraging number of creative and inspiring women performing at this year’s festival.

While trying to find women on the lineups of similar festivals can strain the eyes, III Points, with Miami-based acts in particular leading the pack, boasts an impressive list of women on the decks and drums. Here are some ladies we're particularly looking forward to seeing.
10. Poorgrrrl
It only makes sense that a festival which celebrates the merging worlds of music, art, and technology would include an artist like Poorgrrrl, Miami’s own outrageous performance artist persona born on Instagram. Expect some ratcheteria as she performs songs like “we Trashy” and “SUPER RUDE” from her EP PITIPARTI.
9. The State Of
Featuring Steph Taylor on keyboards, synths, and vocals, the State Of is definitely one of the local acts to watch on this list. The band exemplifies the blending of genres happening at this year's festival. Though at first glance, the State Of appears to be a bare-bones band, a closer listen reveals surprising and engaging electronic undertones. At a festival where electronic music is celebrated, its subtle but notable influence on artists who don't exclusively make electronic music is a powerful testament to the genre's impact and staying power.
8. Holly Hunt
Thanks to the badass Beatriz Monteavaro, the backbone and drummer of this band, Miami’s Holly Hunt makes it onto our list of the best female acts to see at III Points. Hunt is, again, a glorious example of III Points venturing out of its comfort zone. When it's time for a dance break, go take a shot of whiskey and headbang with Holly Hunt.
7. Jessy Lanza
Canadian DJ, songwriter, and soulful singer Jessy Lanza will trek all the way down south to cool Miami down with her gleaming synth-pop beats. After the success of her widely acclaimed debut Pull My Hair, Lanza returned this year with her latest album, Oh No. She’ll bring the beats and the golden face glitter, you bring the moves and, well, bring some face glitter for yourself too.
6. Little Simz
London’s Little Simz began rapping at only age 10 and has been grinding away ever since. Today, at 22, she's a rapper, singer, and actress with endorsements from Jay Z and Dizzee Rascal. “Nobody handed me a dream, I had to chase it,” raps Simz on her early track, “Wings.” “Can't wait to look at you and tell you that I made it,” she adds. Help welcome Little Simz across the pond to III Points and let her know she's made it.

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Celia Almeida is the digital editor of American Way and the former arts and music editor of Miami New Times. Her writing has been featured in Venice, Paper, and Billboard; and she co-hosts Too Much Love on Jolt Radio.
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