The Go! Team

Brighton, U.K. band The Go! Team offers eleven deep, custom-carved grooves of retrofitted breakbeat soul and new millennial mashup. Like the Avalanches, this band knows how to layer samples into pumpin' pastiche while pairing them with scratchy live funk, and the resulting widescreen palate of rhythms ranges from harmonica wailing Ennio Morricone-tinged aerobics ("Panther Dash") to dexterously bobbing, Bacharach-esque, swooning arcs ("Everybody's a V.I.P. to Someone"). But The Go! Team truly excels when it tosses tinny Northern Soul, Seventies TV theme brass, yearning sun-speckled strings, crispy double-time drum paces, bristly guitar, and double dutch chants into propulsive, breathless exclamations ("Ladyflash," "The Power Is On," "Huddle Formation"). This Lightning strikes gold.

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Tony Ware