The Five Best Nightclubs in Hialeah

Hialeah is experiencing a cultural renaissance, but long before “Leah Art District” came around, Hialeah has been home to some of the best Latin nightlife in South Florida. Whether it's Jennine Capó Crucet (author of How to Leave Hialeah, a compilation of short stories inspired by Crucet's own upbringing in Hialeah) describing "drunken family parties in apartment complex parking lots, out-of-hand funerals, and... homegrown DJs at Knights of Columbus banquet hall" or that random discoteca, Hialeah's actually full of hidden gems. 

If you’re tired of Wynwood’s overpriced craft beers and South Beach’s trite house music, you're not the only one. Many weary Miamians are flocking to places like Calle Ocho or Brickell in search of some fresher takes on the Magic City nightlife scene. But chances are, you've never dipped your toes in any of Hialeah's nightclubs.

We're not going to call it "the next big thing." Hialeah is a place for locals, and it's probably going to stay that way for a while. But it's also in your own backyard, and if you're too lazy to at least give these spots a try, well, enjoy your $18 beers and button-pushing DJs. 

5. Las Cuevas de Bellamar, 2725 W 3rd Court, Hialeah.
Smaller than your average club (like, much smaller), Las Cuevas de Bellamar's intimacy makes it the perfect after-work happy-hour spot. There's no live DJ, but you can choose from a wide variety of Latin hits from the bar's jukebox. Its neighbors are auto shops and warehouses, but this quaint little dive is worth the journey. 

4. La Rockola Miami
La Rockola is more Hialeah Gardens than Hialeah proper but still throws a solid Colombian pachanga worth noting. When it's not hosting names like Nacho Acero and other vallenato favorites, it's also pretty damned cheap. Purchasing any bottle gets you a second free. And if you're a female with a squad of five or more, not only do you get in free but you and your homies receive a bottle of your choice (including aguardiente). 

3. Club Bailo, 7020 NW 72nd Ave., Miami.
Right next to a strip of warehouses on NW 72nd Avenue is Hialeah's premier gay club. Where else in Miami can you find a gay spot that strictly plays Latin jams? Bailo recently hosted the afterparties for Little Havana's inaugural LGBTQ arts festival, Gay8. Maybe this venue can be the bastion of glory to bring Papi Juice, New York City's famed gay monthly party for people of color, down to Miami. But for now, the drag shows and large dance floor will do.

2. Babalu Kafe, 5396 W. 12th Ave., Hialeah.
Named after the patron saint of Cuba, Babalu Aye (San Lazaro), the Kafe lives up to its namesake's restorative strength, providing a dance party that is sure to lift spirits. During the day, it might pass for your average Cuban restaurant, but once night falls, resident DJ Mini takes over. The floor is cleared, and "la mejor fiesta en Hialeah" begins. Every Friday is Noche de Rifas, when one lucky partier can win $300 in prizes.

1. Las Tabernas de Wancho, 2100 W. 76th St., Suite 512, Hialeah.
Located on the top of a nondescript shopping center, Las Tabernas is "el quinto piso mas rumbero en Miami." Translation: the most lit fifth floor you'll find in Miami. The floor hosts three different rooms, each with its own flavor. Cuna Del Sol fits about 450 and plays mostly merengue and bachatas. The most recent addition is Club 5, a smaller space that brings in a younger crowd with hip-hop, reggaeton, and techno. But Tropical Crossover is for the true Colombianos. Decorated to resemble a pueblito, the space hopes to make patrons feel like they're in Antioquia. Each room features a disco ball and aguardiente bottle service. It's the LIV of Hialeah. 
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