The Elusive Furious Dudes Caught On Video at the Vagabond's Rockers vs. Bros

Fair to say that Miami isn't known for its rock music, right? Not that we aren't the home of some of the hardest bands ever, like Cavity, Floor, the Eat, Load, and Secret Service. These are bands that stood head and shoulders above their contemporaries. Even today, we are the home of Torche, Beings, Capsule, and Furious Dudes. Put these bands on any stage, in any town, anytime, and you'll see them steal the show.

Sonically, Furious Dudes, are a mix of GNR riffage, Refused precision, and Turbonegro denim nihilism. Visually, the Dudes look exactly like they sound ... Brutal, chaotic, and on the verge of self-destruction.

This past May, local video director Juan Garcia de los Rios caught them in action at a Bros vs. Rockers showdown at the Vagabond's Shake party. Generally, the Dudes seem like the type of band that doesn't even want its picture taken, so capturing these guys on video is the rock 'n' roll equivalent to footage of Sasquatch.


A very small percentage of individuals may experience seizures when exposed to certain light patterns, flashing lights, or thunderous noise. If you or anyone in your family are unaccustomed to punk or hard, fast rock, consult your physician prior to watching.

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Jose Flores