The Dropa Stone Live and Rough Draft All in One Night, At Transit Tomorrow

Tomorrow night head to Transit Lounge for a night that's a bit difficult to envision, and perhaps even harder to describe. But what the hell, here goes. Playing live will be The Dropa Stone (this part's straight-forward enough). Made up of Jon Meyers on vocal/guitar, Will Richey on bass, Joe Lederman on drums and Justin Henry on guitar, perhaps the best description of Dropa would be virtuoso rock.

We're not talking anything as technically insane as Dream Theater here, but these dudes can seriously shred (and some might say theirs is a more melodically --inclined sort of sound). Take those chops and add a distinct notoriety for tearing it up live, and it sounds like a good show on it's own, right?

But there's more. Also in the house, Rough Draft Inc. "But just what the hell is Rough Draft Inc?" you're asking. Well, good question (see, this is where it gets tricky). It's sort of like interactive performance art, in a way.

Conceived by Safon Floyd based on a writing exercise performed to music, the idea, in essence, is that music is played and artists participate by creating to the music in whatever their chosen medium, be it poetry, painting, acting, singing, spoken word, dance--you name it. So all of you harboring a secret (or not-so-secret) desire for life would throw you some limelight, here's your chance to make some limelight-ade.

The catch? You won't have any input into what music plays. Could be jazz, could be rock, could be blues, country, R&B, house...anything goes. And if nothing else, it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.