The Craven Release Their new "Starchild Lover" Video

So here's a new erotic banger from Ft. Lauderdale's genre-defying songwriter Timb and his electro partner, Danny Ae called "Starchild Lover." Both of those artists make music individually, but when they combine as the Craven, they sound even better.

I'm not sure how old the song is but the video (which was shot by Cassandra Bairan and edited by Andrew Coulton) just showed up in my inbox yesterday and it looks like it was a lot of fun to make. The lyrics are full of disco space-age raunchiness (yet still poetic) and the more I listen to it, the more I think it has a chance of becoming a hit in the international dance community if the right people listen to it. If it doesn't make it that far, it could at least become a staple in the fetish party scene for sure.

Hell, I can almost hear a clubbed out Otto Van Schirach remix of this tune in my head right now, although it's pretty club friendly already. So check out the video...and for more music by the Craven, click here.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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Jonathan Cunningham

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