The Cool Kids+Black Punk Done Right

The Cool Kids hanging with the next president.

Well, it's another HOT day in Texas and the music is as hot as the temperatures. Some parts of the metro area hit 96 degrees and Austin proper was at 93 degrees today. That's a record for March 14th btw.

Anyway, the music has all been solid and there's tons of crazy collaborations going on. Last night I caught Lou Reed from the Velvet Underground playing a show with Moby backing him up on guitar.

2 Live Crew and Duffy are playing a show tomorrow. So are Talib Kweli and Ice Cube. Go figure.

Anyway...TODAY, I caught a solid DJ set with Chuck from the Cool Kids tearing up the dance floor at the Whisky Bar.

Dude played everything from Chicago house to Detroit booty and Miami bass.

Lot's of madness.

Guests strolling through the party included J Davey, C-Rayz Walz', Dead Prezfrom Dead Prez, Now On, and others.

It was a great time but the best part of the show was when Game Rebellion came on stage and gave everyone some good ol' hardcore black punk done right.

They played a bunch of good originals and some hard covers of tracks by Tupac, Jay-Z, and Nirvana.

Quality hip-hop all the way around. It was the type of show where punk and hip-hop could combine. More like New York 1982 in Manhattan where Bambataa and the Bad Brains could play the same shows.

Hopefully that's a good sign for 2008.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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