The Best Place to Party in Miami Every Night of the Week

Part of the weekend never dies.”

That was the vocal hook of this Soulwax track I used to bang the fuck out to when I was in college. Back then, it seemed like a hopeful rallying cry for a weekend warrior. It was the mantra you repeated to yourself between class periods. Then I graduated and moved to Miami, and I realized, oh crap, this is just, like, how this city lives.

Every night in Miami is a night of decadence. It's bacchanal. It's debaucherous. It's never-ending. It doesn't matter if you've got work in two hours or if school is in session. There is always something happening at some club, and you've got to go. But the options in Miami can be overwhelming. 

That's why we've set out on a mission to map out the ultimate week of partying in Miami. We took a look at each night of the week, and — considering drink specials, music, and overall vibes — selected our picks for the best place to go every night. 

Are we saying these are the only places you should be going in Miami? Not at all. Get out there and explore. But, before you do, check these essentials off your list. 

Murk Mondays at Coyo Taco, 2300 NW Second Ave, Miami; 305-573-8228;
This Wynwood tequila and taqueria is beloved for far more than finger food. Behind the tables and guac, just past the bathroom, waits a cozy, dim-lit bar with just enough room for you and 99 of your friends on the dance floor. Mondays at Coyo is the domain of Murk Records main man Oscar G and his house-loving homie Lazaro Casanova. These two set the place on fire, achieving the impossible task of making Monday something to look forward to. 

Runner-up: Churchill's for Jazz Night in the front and Dubday Monday in the back. Tuesday

Slap & Tickle Tuesdays at Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-576-5570;
Four years running, and this smoky underground disco still makes your Wednesday morning a living hell. Whether you're partying with electro legends like Greg Wilson, edgy house heroes like Hannah Wants, or one of S&T's resident selectors, you're in for an evening as degenerate and memorable as you are.

Runner-up: the Love Below at the Electric Pickle.

Jelly Wednesdays at Basement, 2901 Collins Ave., Miami Beach; 786-257-4548;
Girl, don't play yourself. You're totally ready for this jelly, and this dance floor don't know how to do nothing but jam. Host DJ DZA of the PeachFuzz crew brings his love of 2000s-era R&B to the disco lights of Basement every Wednesday, and he often brings a friend or two with him to ensure a night of fully grown goodness.

Runner-up: Ladies night at Wood Tavern.
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