The Bendy Pastorius Group

When your dad was one of the most innovative musicians of all time, and you've got ample ability of your own, it's only natural you'd carry on in the family business. In this case, the extraordinary paternal figure happens to be the late Jaco Pastorius, an extraordinary bassist who fused elements of jazz and rock. Pastorius took his instrument from the ranks of the rhythm section to front and center, thanks to his work with Weather Report, Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell, and Blood Sweat and Tears, as well as on his own. Sadly, his twin sons Julius and Felix never really got to know their father. A local boy, Jaco spiraled downhill in the throes of personal demons and died violently outside a Fort Lauderdale nightclub in 1987 while the two were still toddlers. Still, Julius and Felix possess both his looks and abilities.

Two years ago, they joined forces with another pair of siblings, John and Mike Bendy, and made their debut at an annual event in Maine called the Pirate Party. With Julius playing drums, John playing guitar, Mike on bass, and Felix moonlighting with the group as bassist on occasion, they continue Jaco's penchant for bending the boundaries between funk, fusion, rock, and blues.

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Lee Zimmerman