The Bang Gang Deejays

It came from down under: Modular Records, that is, the Sydney, Australia-based label and one of the leaders of the post-rave, post-rock, all-fun Zeitgeist. Thank the label for introducing the world to the warped dance beats of Aussies like the Presets and Van She, or on the guitar side, Wolfmother. Founded in 1998, Modular boasts knife-sharp taste that has allowed it to seriously expand, with label outposts stateside in New York and L.A., and the signing of white-hot American acts like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Chromeo.

That said, one of its most exciting recent discoveries comes, again, from Oz — the Bang Gang Deejays, a loose collective of party promoters and platter-spinners behind the notorious Sydney party the Bang Gang. With the applaudable slogan "Less talk, more rave," the soundtrack is a mix of acid techno, new electro, and bass beats, sprinkled with indie rock and plenty of punk attitude. Theirs is a cut-up, hyperspeed style, shredding through tracks just 30 seconds at a time; check their recent two-disc mix release, Light Sound Dance, for a jittery dose. Hit Circa's dance floor Saturday, and stay on your toes.

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