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The Art of War Emcee Invitational Takes to S Sports Bar Tomorrow Night

If you're as big of a fan of emcees and battles as we are, you've probably realized one big flaw in the hip-hop chain: Most of these battles take place midday in the sweltering outdoor heat. We get the whole sweat-while-you-spit-rhymes mentality, but wouldn't you rather enjoy the game at an air-conditioned sports bar with your favorite finger food instead?

Well, A-Ha! Events seems to agree with us because tomorrow night spitting and live music will join forces at S Sports Bar. They've dubbed the evening "The Art of War," fitting for all of the rap battles scheduled to take place under one roof. But don't fret if you haven't caught up on your Sun Tzu and warfare tactics. It's not going to be that kind of battle.

Eight emcees will battle it out for cash, prizes, and crowd cheers, among them Dropz, Knowledge Medina, Mosh Jelton, Surgeon General, Hindu Rock, Thousand, and Dirty Dem. You'll also get to see a Street Wars Battle between Mike the Manager and LMS, one of the most outspoken rappers to ever come out of Hialeah.

You can expect live performances from Madd Illz, LMS, The Cornerstoners, Candace Meyer,

Andre Bush, and Johnny Storm, too. DJ Ethics will be spinning between sets

the whole night, and we're really hoping that the evening's festivities will be broadcast across S Sports Bar's larger-than-life big screens. Will there be food specials? Drink specials? We sure hope so. Nothing makes us hungrier than watching other people work it on the dance floor.

The Art of War Emcee Invitational, at S Sports Bar, 11995 SW 26 St., Miami. Show starts at 8pm. Visit Art of War's Facebook page.

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Christine Borges