Ten Ten EDM Memes of All Time! From Daft Hands to Kim Jong Il Dropping the Bass

EDM is the biggest thing on the planet and everyone loves a joke.

So when you put your favorite DJs together with five-second rounds of Photoshop, everyone wins!

Hell, you could even use MS Paint. Let's be real, we're all just button-pushers at the end of the day.

We here at Crossfade have scoured the Internet and found the very best memes the world of EDM has to offer.

Note: We tried to keep the Skrillex jokes to a minimum. But they're so damn good.

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Daft Hands

This one goes back quite a while. It was originally posted five years ago and started a bit of a craze. Much like the song itself, this meme has a lot of replay value.


The Firepower Tour is kind of a revelatory experience.

Skrill Mop

How high was the person who discovered the resemblance between Sonny John Moore and a dirty mop?

Dubstep, Kinda Like That

Until it turned into a near-naked 16-year-old girl on drugs.

Aoki Cake

This is what happens when you party with Aoki, and this raver chick could not be happier.

Sad Skrillex

We would feel bad for him. But ... meh.

Pauly D

This dumb motherfucker can't get anything right.


Best remix of "Le7els" that we've ever heard.

Kim Jong-Il Dropping the Bass

When the North Korean dictator died, this is how we honored his memory.

Skrill Bee

Hahahahahahahhaa. Oh, man. That never gets old.

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