Ten Female DJ-Producers Putting the Boys to Shame in 2011

The electronic dance music community has always been a major sausage fest. But why? The ladies like to get down on the dance floor just as much as the gents. And they certainly have plenty to contribute behind the decks and in the studio.

Nevertheless, for decades, the superstar DJ archetype has been a male one. Clearly, there's something of a sexist cliquishness in the industry that's made it difficult for women to find recognition.

But things have taken a major turn in the 2010s. Take one look at the international DJ charts and you'll notice that many of the heavyweights on the scene right now have two X chromosomes.

10. Maya Jane Coles
This 23-year-old prodigy from the UK is one of the fastest-rising stars in electronic music. She took the international scene by storm in 2010 with her chart-topping house releases on labels like Hypercolour and Mobilee and also produces dubstep as Nocturnal Sunshine and more experimental vocal electronica as one-half of She Is Danger.  

9. Anja Schneider
As co-owner of the esteemed Berlin-based Mobilee imprint, Schneider is considered one of the most influential tastemakers in the international scene. She has also proven herself in the studio with several acclaimed releases, including 2008 long-player Beyond The Valley. As a DJ, she commands a fanatical following at clubs around the world, including Miami's Electric Pickle where you can catch her this Friday with LINK.

8. Steffi

One of the most hotly tipped newcomers to the international scene. Yours and Mine, her mega-charted 2011 long-player on Ostgut Ton is a euphoric reaffirmation of classic house's enduring appeal. And as a long-standing resident of Berlin EDM mecca Panorama Bar, you know she's got her finger on the pulse on what international dancefloors want.   

7. Magda

This Polish-born, Detroit-bred DJ-producer has been a mainstay of the international techno scene for nearly a decade, helping pave the way for many of her females peers. As a member of the Minus label family, she shares the same penchant for dark minimal techno as label mates Richie Hawtin, Troy Pierce, and Marc Houle.

6. Cassy

One of the world's most beloved DJs of either gender, Cassy Britton's reputation is built on a signature style that's equal parts edgy-futuristic and vintage-soulful. As a producer, her sound is one of a kind: languid, atmosheric minimal techno with a sprinkling of sensual Sade-like lyricism.   

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5. Ellen Allien

Allien is the legendary founder of the esteemed Berlin-based Bpitch Control imprint. And althought she's been at the forefront of the German techno scene since the early '90s, Allien is more relevant and prolific than ever, having released her fifth artist album in 2010.

4. Deniz Kurtel

Recently dubbed "the new queen of house" by DJ Mag, this Turkish-born DJ-producer catapulted to the top of the international ranks in little more than a year. It's quality and not quantity that counts with her, as she took the LP album approach right from the get-go, releasing 2010's critically-acclaimed Music Watching Over Me on Wolf + Lamb.    

3. Nina Kraviz

This Russian DJ-producer boasts a brooding, sensual femme fatale brand of vocal house. Her releases on labels like Rekids and Underground Quality have been charted across the board as her DJ sets continue to generate major buzz.  

2. Kim Ann Foxman

As part of Hercules & Love Affair, Foxman is at the forefront of nu-disco and the classic house revival. And her solo work follows suit, with 2010's breakthrough hit "Creature" on Andy Butler's new Mr. INTL label and in-demand DJ bookings across the Atlantic.

1. Kate Simko

This Chicago DJ-producer first came to international prominence with her minimal techno releases on the esteemed Spectral Sound label. But her sound has since absorbed the deeper melodic aspects of house, growing her appeal among international clubgoers.    

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