Tegan and Sara

The whole girl-with-a-guitar genre is like your first "A Woman Needs a Man Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle" bumper sticker: Its overt earnestness is extremely embarrassing once you've moved out of the dorm and into the messy, "post-feminist" world full of things like strap-ons and Peaches. So Jealous, the third album from twin Canadian girls-with-a-guitar Tegan and Sara, epitomizes coming to terms with that shift in perspective. On So Jealous, the sisters' brittle little voices process relationships over catchy hooks and garage-rock grinding, finding a balance between the fervent girl power of one's youth and the tempering of that ardor -- and ending up with a well-rounded, grown-up, and, ultimately, pretty damn likable sound in the process.
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Rachel Devitt