Teepee Touring East Coast, Slinging Hugs, Playing Show for Kickstarter Donors

Welcome back, Teepee!

Last week, at his first headlining Miami show in two years, Crossfade's favorite banana-fueled noisenik totally El Kabonged the crowd at Churchill's Pub, debuting ferocious songs from his second album, due later this year. And this Saturday, you'll have another chance to check out his new full-band sound at a secret show.

After that, Teepee's heading up the east coast for a tour. But he needs your help to not get stuck being the best band north of the Mason-Dixon to know what mofongo is.

In order to be able to afford the tour (and most importantly, make it back to Miami), Teepee and the band has taken to Kickstarter to raise funds. Chipping in is a solid way to preorder the album, support one of our city's most exciting bands, and get some fun Teepee stuff, including an invite to that secret show.

So what's on offer?

In the not-too-distant future, when our bodies live sealed away in fluid-filled pods and interface only through digital proxies, virtual hugs will be the only hugs we have left. Be ahead of the curve by getting a virtual hug from Erix for the bargain price of five bucks, not that you can put a price on tomorrow.

Meanwhile, for old fogies and frotteurs alike, Erix is willing to upgrade the virtual hug to an actual hug at a private concert for Kickstarter donors this Saturday night, September 1. For $10, you'll be on the guest list and you'll also get a digital download of Teepee's ace new single, "Time Meant Nothing" as well as some unreleased/live tracks.

Aspiring forgers and sticker freaks will want to throw in an extra fiver to get a signed copy of the single on seven-inch vinyl and some stickers. The signature will be legible and yours to practice tracing in the privacy of your own home. When Teepee hits it big, this donation will more than pay for itself. Because then you'll be able to forge contracts and checks as Erix S. Laurent, Rockstar. The stickers can be stuck to things or sealed in a museum-quality display case for the enjoyment of sticker-loving generations to come.

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At other levels along the way, you can get more limited-edition vinyl, the full album, handmade art, a shirt designed by Edwin Beauchamp from Edau, guest list spots with drink tickets, and a bunch of other stuff.

There are also some pretty neat perks for Teepee obsessives and other party people. For $200, Erix will teach you guitar and sound design and then take you record shopping. For $300, the band will cook dinner for you and throw a listening party including a live performance. This is a great way to make friends. Or just be reminded that you don't have any.

For $500, Erix will perform for you over Skype or the phone and then chat with you for half an hour. He doesn't say so, but he might let you call him by your ex's name, if you really need some closure. For $600, Erix will help you write a song and even produce it. Unlike his new album, this will probably not take two years. But if it does, that's pretty good bang for your buck.

Hey, Moneybags! Get your friends with the dollar-sign eyes together and kick in for the big prize. For $1,200, Teepee will cook for you and then play a house party so loud that your sucky neighbors with bad taste in music will move out and sexy new people will move into their old place. These new sexy people will probably strip in front of their windows on a regular basis. Thanks, Teepee!

Want more? Here's some video of that Churchill's show:

Want to follow Teepee on tour? Heading up to New York and looking for a van to draft behind? Here are Teepee's autumn tour dates:

September 6 Retrofit Records, Tallahasee, FL with Beach Day

September 7 The Wormhole, Savannah, GA with Magic Places

September 8 Snug Harbor, Charlotte, NC with Blossoms, Serfs

September 10 The Blue Nile, Harrisonburg, VA with Malatese

September 11 Strange Matter, Richmond, VA with Lorem Ipsum

September 12 Silk City, Philadelphia, PA with Mohican, Microwaves, Combine

September 14 Pianos, New York, NY with Beach Day, Field Mouse, Suns

September 15 Shea Stadium, Brooklyn, NY with Pop. 1280, Heaven's Gate, Grenadier

September 17 Velvet Lounge, Washington, DC with Mittenfields

September 18 The Nightlight, Chapel Hill, NC with Ramps, Twelve Thousand Armies

September 19 Tin Roof, Charleston, SC with TBA

September 20 The Basement, Atlanta, GA with Hollow Stars

September 21 Underbelly, Jacksonville, FL with Thee Holy Ghosts, Sea Cycles

Check out Teepee's Kickstarter page.

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