Ted Nugent Has a Message for High School Graduates


Either go to college or you'll end up like this deer. No pressure.

Michigan based rocker Ted Nugent has sharp a message for high school graduates this year. The highly vocal 59-year-old conservative recently penned an Op-Ed piece in the Detroit News that he wants to circulate throughout the country. It's hard hitting, comical, and actually makes a lot of sense.

Anyone that's familiar with Nugent knows that he's a humorous nut job. If you need more proof of that, notice that he's got his own brand of bow and arrows just to kill things. But if there's one thing he cares about, it's America's youth.

So check out this piece and just try to say that (deranged and all) Nugent isn't telling the truth.

Favorite Line: Avoid negative people and slobbering hippies like the plague. They never accomplish anything.

--Jonathan Cunningham

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Jonathan Cunningham