Taylor Swift Is Allegedly Dating a Kennedy: Three Ways She Can Escape "The Curse"

Taylor Swift's in trouble.

According to website Gossip Cop, the 22-year-old pop star and highest-paid celebrity under 30 spent the weekend with Robert F. Kennedy's grandson Conor at his family's New England compound in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

Bad news ... Because if you consider all of the tragic mishaps that have plagued the Kennedy family throughout history, you know that Swift should fear for her safety.

Take a closer look at the Kennedy curse after the jump, and how Swift can avoid falling victim.

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3. Reckless Driving

What is it with the Kennedy clan and cars?

From his sister's botched lobotomy to his two brothers' assassinations, Conor Kennedy's great uncle Ted was no stranger to the black cloud of shit that loomed over his family.

The late Massachusetts senator was involved in a plane crash that killed an aide and the aircraft's pilot in 1964, but that was nothing compared to the night that Ted drove his Oldsmobile into the waters off Chappaquiddick Island and killed Mary Jo Kopechne.

Several years later, his nephew Joseph ruined another woman's life after he overturned the Jeep he was driving and permanently paralyzed his brother's girlfriend.

Swift Advice: Call a car service.

2. Fear of Flight

JFK's brother Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. was killed during World War II after his plane exploded. A few years later, his sister died when her plane crashed in France.

However, the Kenney family's most recent air disaster happened in 1999. As he was piloting a Piper Saratoga from New Jersey to Martha's Vineyard, John F. Kennedy Jr. failed to "maintain control of his airplane during a descent over water at night, which was "a result of spatial disorientation."

HHe crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, dying with his wife and her sister.

Swift Advice: Fly commercial.

1. Too Close to Home

Earlier this year, Conor Kennedy's mother, Mary Richardson, hanged herself. Her sister blames Robert Kennedy Jr., whose alleged abuse and cheating became so unbearable that Richardson escaped by paying the ultimate price.

Swift Advice: Get out while you can.

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