Tanlines Covets Rick Ross's Towel Guy and So Should You

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How do you know when you've achieved Bawse status like Rick Ross? Is it when your swimming pool has more bad bitches in it than water? Is it when people start sporting knockoffs of the gold medallion you wear of your own face?

We've gone to the experts, speaking with Jesse Cohen, one half of indie partystarters Tanlines. The band is playing at Bardot on Thursday, but once opened for Rick Ross as part of a Vice party.

From backstage, Cohen was able to observe what really made Rozay a Bawse. His verdict: "The towel guy." Want to know more? Join us as we stroll down a sweaty road called Memory Lane, won't you?

Crossfade: Did you get a chance to talk to Rozay backstage?

Jesse Cohen: I wish we did. But to be honest, he was just in his area until literally 30 seconds before he went on. But I'm a fan too, and I thought it was amazing. That's the only experience where I can see us opening for him, other than festivals. Metallica is one of the headliners at a festival we're playing this summer. So we kid around that we're opening for Metallica. But with Rick Ross, we really did open for him.

Having been so close to Rick Ross, what's something you now know about him that the rest of use don't know?

I was on the side of the stage while he played up front, so I was really close. The main thing I remember is that, first of all, he is an amazing performer. I was expecting a five-song set and then he'd be done, because it was a magazine party. But he did like twelve songs or something. And this: he had a towel guy whose job it was to just give him a towel in between every song.

He sweats that much?

He was working so hard that he would run a towel from the back of his head to the front. And by the time he got to the front, the back would be sweaty again.

Does you aspire to getting your own towel guy, in either your professional or personal life?

I want to get to that level. I could use one sometimes, but we're not there yet. Right now, we're more DIY as far as toweling goes.

Get sweaty with Tanlines this Thursday. BYOT.

Tanlines. Thursday, July 19. Bardot, 3456 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $18 plus fees via eventbrite.com. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-576-7750 or visit bardotmiami.com.

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