Talib Kweli DJs Independence Day at SET Nightclub on South Beach, July 4

Talib Kweli

With DJ Fly Guy

SET Nightclub

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Better Than: Going to sleep early and waking up for work after celebrating Fourth of July.

You always have to wonder what it means when you see a rapper's name on a flyer for any club in South Beach: Will said rapper actually be performing?

Well, even though last night's Talib Kweli gig at SET Nightclub was promoted as a DJ set, the anxious crowd was still hoping for a few verses from their favorite Kweli tracks.

"He doesn't really come down here. So it was nice seeing him do a few songs," said superfan Kai Nonomay.

Kweli took the boards from DJ FlyGuy at around 12:25 a.m. and dropped a bunch of club bangers. Loyal fans may have expected to hear him play hits like "Respiration" or "Get By." But Kweli stuck to what you would normally hear in a Miami club.

Photo by Kareem Shaker
Kweli climbing the DJ booth for the packed crowd.

Then for a brief moment, he grabbed the mike and jumped atop the DJ booth, busting out part of his verse from Kanye West's "Get 'Em High" in front of a suddenly hyper-excited mob.

Next came a portion of Black Star classic "Respiration," portions of "The Blast," and the first verse of perhaps his most popular song, "Get By."

"I love Miami," Kweli told the crowd just before retiring to his VIP bottle. "The drinks, the weather, the beautiful ladies ... I love it. But play some New York shit."

And FlyGuy responded with NY classics "Simon Says" by Pharaohe Monch and MOP's robbery anthem "Ante Up."

SET got what they wanted, a huge turnout on a Wednesday night. But some in the crowd felt they should have gotten more.

"It was great seeing (Kweli) perform," said one fan. "But we thought it was going to be a whole concert."

Talib Kweli's Setlist:

-"Get 'Em High"


-"The Blast"

-"Get By"

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