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SXSW: The Meatist Discovers Adrian Grenier in the Gifting Suite, and How to Spell "Ty Segall"

Nope, we never left South Florida during perhaps the most ZOMG-worthy week of the year. Fortunately, correspondent Bradford Schmidt pounded the pavement for us and and eventually found out what South by Southwest is really all about. The free swa--wait, the music!

Over a series of tweets from the heart of SXSW's gifting suite, Bradford showed a few moments from the swag-bagging madness.

Not only did L.E.P. Bogus Boys' Count display some advanced technique, but the spot got blown up like it was an episode of Entourage when Vincent "Adrian Grenier" Chase showed up.

Later on Sunday, this music editor got even more jealous of our correspondent's access as Bradford caught San Francisco's Ty "Seagull" Segall, a guy who can shred "Old school punk

rock with a chick drummer that killed" as well as he does on record. But yeah, don't believe everything you hear:

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