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Swedish House Mafia's Masquerade Motel Miami 2012 Scheduled for March 23

Browsing Swedish House Mafia's social media pages is kinda like trying to decode the ravings of schizophrenic fist-pumper on bad acid.

Earlier this week, we here at Crossfade mentioned that Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso "will returning to Miami for another shot of late-March madness," otherwise known as Masquerade Motel.

And while researching that blog post, we combed through SHM's cryptic Facebook and Twitter accounts, read hundreds of rambling fan comments, and stared at the Swedish House Mafia countdown clock for approximately fifteen minutes, trying to catch subliminal clues.

But still, we couldn't figure out the "date, lineup, or venue" for Masquerade Motel Miami 2012. Until now.

Maybe our brains were fried from all the unnecessarily backwards marketing babble. But somehow, we missed a video, entitled "Miami 2012 - March 23rd - - Swedish House Mafia," which was apparently uploaded to SHM's official YouTube account on December 24, 2011.

Of course, this "Miami 2012" clip makes no explicit reference to a date. It's just packed with beach footage, warnings that "The End Is Near," and other SHM-style gibberish. So maybe this vid's title was retroactively changed?

Well, whatever the sequence of events, Axwell, Angello, and Ingrosso finally stopped being so fucking cryptic for a minute. And today, they officially announced a few details for the 2012 edition of Masquerade Motel.

The most comprehensive breakdown came via

Masquerade Motel Miami March 2011 was one of the highlights of our lives, we simply had to do it again! March 23rd Friday 2012 is the date, Miami the location. Ticket sales go live on the 11th.

We Come, We Love, We Rave....SHM

Or ... You came, you babbled nonsensically, you confused the fuck out of us.

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