Adames is gonna soak the Roofless Rex stage at Sweatstock 2012.
Adames is gonna soak the Roofless Rex stage at Sweatstock 2012.
Image by Bleeding Palm

Sweatstock 2012 Announces Complete 27-Act Lineup

Wanna perspire till you pass out?

Try squeezing into a rubber suit, guzzling 32 ounces of java, and running some treadmill in the sauna. Or ... Test the limits of dehydration and heat exhaustion at the 2012 edition of Sweatstock.

Just a couple of weeks ago, this annual indie music marathon -- organized by everyone's fave Little Haiti music store, Sweat Records -- announced its eight-act main stage lineup: Afrobeta, Deaf Poets, Krisp, Psychic Mirrors Ark IX, Plains, The State Of, Arboles Libres, and Jesse Jackson.

But now co-curators Beached Miami and Roofless Records have added another 19 bands to soak your shorts and send you spiraling into a dangerously water-depleted state.

Go get supersweaty on April 21. Check the cut for the full Sweatstock 2012 lineup.

Sweatstock 2012 Lineup

Main Stage


-Deaf Poets


-Psychic Mirrors

-Ark IX


-The State Of

-Arboles Libres

-Jesse Jackson

Beached Miami Stage

Inside Churchill's Pub

-Axe and the Oak

-Shroud Eater

-Weird Wives

-Haochi Waves

-Pool Party

-Severe Disappointments

-Jellyfish Brothers


-Palette Town

Roofless Records Stage

On Churchill's Pub patio



-Diamond Hymen


-Dim Past

-Dyslexic Postcards


-The President

-No Children

-Toad Eyes

MAM Soundbomb Bus




-Rob Riggs

Sweatstock 2012. Saturday, April 21. Sweat Records, 5505 NE Second Ave., Miami, and Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 2 p.m. and it's free. Visit

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