When he saw the footage, Fezito said: "I look like Will Smith."
When he saw the footage, Fezito said: "I look like Will Smith."

Sweat Records' 16-Year-Old Intern Fezito Chancy Is the Next Diddy

I love Miami because it is filled with a billion talented artists. In the next few weeks, I will take you inside their studios. But this is not about me. This is about a young man that interns at Sweat Records. His name is Fezito Chancy and he's like a young Diddy.

He works hard at Sweat because he loves it. Visit the store and you'll probably see him. In ten years, he's going to be a very successful career as a music producer with his own clothing line and reality show ready to drop.

Check the cut for three documentary clips from the life of Fezito.

A couple of Sundays ago, he somehow coerced me into going to his church after Sweat's vegan brunch. We then met up with some of his friends and chilled. What up, Thonise!

Check out what Lolo has to say about our friend Fazito:

Little Haiti is such a beautiful neighborhood. I encourage all of you to spend some time discovering it. If you walk a few blocks away from Churchill's and Sweat, you will find one of Miami's many pockets of paradise.

Now go add Fazito as a new friend of Facebook.

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