Surfer Blood's Twitter Updates From Second Album Recording Sessions in California

Surfer Blood!

The West Palm Beach band is currently recording its second full-length slab in California with Gil Norton, a studio pro who's previously produced The Foo Fighters and Counting Crows, as well as the final three albums by The Pixies (with whom the Blood boys toured last year).

Given that Surfer Blood came together when singer JP Pitts noticed guitarist Thomas Fekete's Pixies keychain, the band is justifiably excited, tweeting, "Gil Norton is the man. So stoked."

After the cut, more illuminating tweets about the new album, tour news, photos from the studio, and a couple of cover songs too.

Why California for the second album instead of Florida?  Several reasons:

Check out the photo below of the Blood boys in the studio. From left to right, we've got JP Pitts, Gil Norton, and a pair of legs ... Could they be Justin Bieber's?

They may have gone Hollywood. But Surfer Blood hasn't forgotten their dogs!

Via twitter.com/surferblood

Surfer Blood is recording at EastWest Studios, where the Monkees and Partridge Family shows were taped.

Via twitter.com/surferblood

Though they're still South Florida boys at heart, the Surfer Blood bros have apparently been palling around with celebrities in their off time, like:


They are even getting healthy, enjoying a bit of hiking:

But not too healthy:

Since the release of Astro Coast in 2010, Surfer Blood has only completed a couple of projects: an EP, "Tarot Classics," which gussied up their sound a bit; and a Spotify-only live EP featuring rougher but more practiced takes of select AC cuts.

In addition to recording the sophomore album this summer, Surfer Blood will also play five shows in July with Death Cab for Cutie, none of which will be anywhere near Miami, unless this nation cataclysmically folds in on itself. In that case, Surfer Blood may be available to play a backyard show for you and any friends who've made it out of the rubble.

Surfer Blood Summer 2012 Concerts

July 14 Charlottesville Pavilion, Charlottesville, VA

July 17 Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN

July 19 Wellmont Theatre, Montclair, NJ

July 20 Mountain Park, Holyoke, MA

July 21 Ommegang Brewery, Cooperstown, NY

For more new music from Surfer Blood, check out their recent cover of "Go All the Way" by The Raspberries:

And watch this Blood cover of "Gigantic" by The Pixies (a song not produced by Gil Norton):

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