Surfer Blood's J.P. Pitts Probably Enjoyed Baywatch

AOL's music blog Spinner tracked down Surfer Blood lead singer J.P. Pitts (center) as part of their project to interview every single freaking band playing SXSW's music festival, which begins this week. We weren't afraid to mention that SB will be in Austin either.

Now, for the uninitiated artists, this is a great chance to get some press and exposure leading into the big, crazy week in Austin. Surfer Blood, on the other hand, practically have a new interview posted every day, and perhaps that's why this interviewer had to go a little deeper to find some essential unexplored material. Finally, we can know the secrets of his private adolescent delight! After the jump, find out who J.P. Pitts thought was delicious in that iconic red swimsuit. Gosh, we're really writing this.

Who was your first celebrity crush?
My first celebrity crush ever? Going way back, I used to think Carmen

Electra was the pinnacle of a sex icon, back in middle school when I

first realized, 'oh, wow, girls are attractive.

Surfer Blood Interview: SXSW 2010 [Spinner]

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