Surfer Blood Playing at Grand Central September 18 -- After Vowing Never to Play There Again

Surfer Blood, if you are going to vow never to play a venue again, you might want to stick to your word -- otherwise someone's going to call you out.

Let us rehash the night that Surfer Blood played Poplife's 11th anniversary party at Grand Central. The band members felt they had been disrespected by an overzealous security team and snobby promoters. So during their slot opening for the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, guitarist Thomas Fekete announced to the crowd, "Awesome venue, too bad it's run by a bunch of dicks. We will never play here again."

A late-night, angry MySpace blog post followed later that night, in which the band claimed that Poplife was refusing payment. And thus it seemed that Surfer Blood would likely be blacklisted from Miami's only mid-size live venue.

That post was later whitewashed, perhaps by a manager who knew better than to bite the hand that feeds you.

The whole saga ended with Fekete Tweeting, "While we will still never take part in anything like this again, everything has been resolved and we wish [Poplife] the best with all of [its] future endeavors."

So what happened to that vow? Apparently, it went out the window because the band is scheduled to play with Brooklyn band the Drums on September 18 at the downtown venue. This has the potential to be the most awkward concert ever.

Seeing how the booking is usually done by an agent, we aren't sure if the band is aware they are playing at Grand Central again. Um, er, surprise?

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