Surfer Blood-Endorsed Local Band Dead Meat to Release 7-Inch This Fall

Go into Dead Meat's site, and you'll find a triangle with a mustache, surrounded by what looks to be some kind of animal fur. And that's it. We're not kidding.

The South Florida band -- akin to what we're guessing an Ian Curtis-birthed thrash/  punk lovechild would sound like -- has been breathing heavily under the local music radar for a few years, hardly ever showing their faces in print or online. The band's MySpace page doesn't even really show any photos, instead being filled with Kelly Williams sketches of the backs of people's heads, crazy dudes with their eyes about to pop out, and people who look like they're in some kind of purgatory (dead meat?).  

Their names were on the lips of Surfer Blood recently, after their local homecoming last Saturday. The West Palm Beachers started sending Tweet endorsements of Dead Meat into the Twitterverse, saying things like "This has officially become the Dead Meat Twitter account" and "We have taken over Groupie Magazine's Twitter, Dead Meat will be taking over ours in the meantime myspace.com/deadmeatdredbeats." Apparently, they're old friends. "I have been on tour doing sound/tour managing them for the past two weeks,

and I guess Thomas has been quoting me behind my back. That sneaky snake," says Dead Meat guitar/bass/vocalist Joe Santarpia.

Slithering aside, Dead Meat's releasing their 7" this fall on FSS, and you can download "Electric Head" and "The King" off of their currently untitled 7" after the jump.

zSHARE - 07 Electric Head.mp3

zSHARE - 06 The King.mp3

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