SunGhosts Break Down New EP Track by Track

SunGhosts, our reigning readers' choice for Miami's best band, just put out a new four song EP, Parhelion. The title keeps with the Kendall band's solar obsession. Parhelion is the scientific name for a rainbow halo phenomenon seen around the sun in case you were wondering.

Recorded in both Davie and Miami last summer, the EP — which at times evokes sounds similar to the Strokes and Oasis — is meant to be a teaser for a full length coming out later in 2016. We spoke to singer/guitarist Nik Balseiro about each of the four tracks on the new EP as they plan a mini-Florida tour that takes them to Fort Lauderdale's Jump the Shark January 14.

New Times: Let's start by talking about the inspiration for the opener "Hydro Pump."
Nik Balseiro: We'd been trying to get all the songs we played the last two years together. We were messing around with our song "Til the City Goes Under" and I played the chords extra fast and a little surfier. I got really excited and said, 'Luis [Estopiñan the drummer], jam along with this.' We wrote it in an hour or two and it was an explosion of creativity and fun. I was singing random ad-lib lyrics and our photographer thought he heard me sing, 'We should get naked.' 

Track two, "Til the City Goes Under," definitely has a Strokes vibe.
Thank you. That's an incredible compliment. They're one of my biggest influences personally. We recorded that song in the past on our debut EP which I mixed myself when we started out. We thought it was important to re-record it with the energy the band has come into playing live the last two years. It's about the Miami music scene and how it's difficult for Miami bands to get shows and find a way to get paid. There's not a lot of guidance out here and that song lyrically is about that. We're going to release a music video for it with cameos from other local bands like Long Shore Drift, Magic City Hippies, Deaf Poets, and AstroMaps.

When we spoke last summer you were just releasing the video for "Polterguy."
We wanted this EP to be an appetizer before we release the full length album, so we didn't want the EP to have four songs from the album. So we said, let's tweak up 'Polterguy' and not give too much away before the album. It's a solid song. Whenever we play we start the set off with it because it's explosive and really gets us going.

Then you end things with "BB Gun."
That's my favorite song on the EP. We were jamming random chords and Arminio [Rivero] started playing the first guitar line you hear through the whole song. The lyrics are about a girl I was going out with. I was writing it for her and saving it for the right moment to play it at a show and surprise her with it. But we ended up breaking up before I could play it live and I started realizing things she was doing, mainly cheating on me, toward the end of the relationship when I was writing the end of the song. So that explains the progression of the song. Everything is intoxicating and OK until the second half of the song when the chords get darker and I call out sarcastically and you hear the machine gun shooting me down. The rest of the song is just emotion which I think is where the best songs are written from.

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