Suénalo Performing in New York City for LAMC July 6 and 7

You've been enjoying Suénalo right here in the MIA for years. And they just won New Times' pick for Best Latin Band in this year's Best of Miami issue. But New York is only just about to learn the true meaning of Afro-Latin-baby-makin'-descarga-funk. After all, we can't be stingy. We need to share the love. Because what is Suénalo all about, if not sharing the sonic love?

That's why these long-time favorites of Miami's local scene are making the trek up to NYC for the Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) this year. For those unaware, this is the biggest conference of its kind in the U.S., a true hub for Latin indie in the States. And it's high time Suénalo conquer it.

"We've never played LAMC before," says vocalist-MC Amin De Jesus, who notes that they hit New York for the Latin Funk Fest some years back. "Needless to say, we're all extremely excited about the opportunity to melt the faces off the conference's patrons."

And that's exactly what we expect Suénalo will do, bringing their frenzied live show to the Big Apple and making asses shake, and repping their home town in the process.

"Suenalo is so Miami, it would be impossible for us to not represent the MIA in NYC," De Jesus says. "It's the feel and vibes of our origin city that we encapsulate in our music, and so we have to credit that same vibe of the city for the crowd reaction."

"A lot of heads think Miami is un relajo when it comes to live music," he goes on. "So we're going to represent and honor our city, to spread the love it generates on every corner and remind them there's more here than neon lights."

Which isn't to say that the scope of LAMC's reach and the importance of such a visible stage is lost on De Jesus and the rest of his hard-jamming bandmates.

"LAMC is a multi-faceted animal," he says. "On one hand you've got a bunch of artists trying to showcase themselves for the other hand, which is full of industry/media heads that are invited, having a good time and hoping to maybe hear something new and special. On the third mutated growth of a hand wearing a vibrant collage of VIP bracelets, you've got us -- Mr. Pauer, Elastic Bond, Suénalo -- musicians who are going to give them what they're looking for and then some."

"The importance of reaching all these heads in one take is indescribable and a great opportunity for everyone involved."

Suenalo performs in New York for LAMC on Wednesday, July 6, at SOB's and Thursday, July 7, at D'Antigua Lounge.

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