Suenalo! Plays Transit Lounge This Saturday

What's shakin' party people? If you're planning on heading to Transit this weekend, the answer to that question is a simple one: your asses. Because that's what happens without fail whenever one of Miami's local favorites, Suenalo!, takes the stage for their frequent appearances around the city.

The eight-piece band, comprised of MC Amin De Jesus, guitarists Phil Maranges and Gerard Glecer, percussionist Alan Ramos, bassist Carlos "Kako" Guzman, Juan Turros on sax and flute, Tony Smurphio on keyboards, and Chad Bernstein on trombone and a host of other shit, have developed a loyal following over the years, due to their infectious and undeniably Miami-influenced blend of Afro-Cuban, Latin, R&B, hip hop and rock melded into signature descargas, which despite what the little stick of gum with a Scottish accent would have you believe, easily outlast an Ice Breaker.

Suenalo! performs at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave) on Saturday, August 29. Never a cover, as you damn well know by now.

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