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Strippers Tip Drill and Blac Chyna Giving $1500 to "Best Pole Dancer" at South Beach's Cameo

Yes, King of Diamonds stripper Tip Drill has been experimenting with politics lately, crashing MSNBC talk show Morning Joe on Monday and then helping New Times analyze the Florida Republican Primary.

But tonight, Ms. Drill will return to her true area of expertise, putting aside a possible presidential bid to judge a fully-clothed, $1500 exotic dancing competition at South Beach's Cameo, alongside fellow KOD pole-a-tician Blac Chyna.

Presented by Lapdance Tuesdays (AKA Cameo's weekly stripper-themed party), this contest is called Pole-A-Palooza. And all week, Tip Drill and Blac Chyna have been reaching out to aspiring exotic dancers via Twitter.

"I want all the girls that Good on the pole," Ms. Drill tweeted earlier today, "to come compete for that 1500 tonight at cameo!!!" Meanwhile, Chyna kept shit succint and sassy, shouting, "Cameo Tonight Bitchhhhh!!!!! Lol."

Now despite her recent unscripted appearance on cable news to talk politics, Tip Drill remains best known for her prowess on a pole, even scoring top props in New Times' 2010 survey of the Top Ten Strippers Under 40.

As our resident titty bar expert Disco Rick explained: "[She] swings upside down 20 feet in the air and then drops until she's just four inches from the stage. Very fucking dangerous."

But Black Chyna's no amateur either. She's a self-described D.C. chick "by way of the pretty palm trees of South Beach Miami," who's "very serious about the art of dancing" and "started at the age 18, as a means to collect fast & easy money."

Oh, and if you haven't had the pleasure of being Chyna's human pole, this girl's got a "32-26-41" boob-to-waist-to-ass ratio that's received a lyrical shout-out on Drake's 2010 single "Miss Me," not to mention extremely detailed editorial coverage in both Black Men and Dimepiece magazines.

In short, these ladies are total sexperts with a minor in political science. So sign up, shine that pole, shake your shit.

And even if you don't win that $1500, there are plenty of other perks to Pole-A-Palooza. Like, deep debate, intellectual stimulation, and "Complimentary Entry & OPEN BAR from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.," if you text LAPDANCE to 38714.

Plus, it'll help that ass stay in perfect stripping shape. As Chyna always says: "The key to keeping a tight physique is simple -- KEEP DANCING, it's such a natural workout."

Pole-A-Palooza with Blac Chyna and Tipdrill, presented by Lapdance Tuesdays. Tuesday, January 31. Cameo, 1445 Washington Ave., Miami Beach. The stripping starts at 11 p.m. and tickets cost $20 plus fees via Ages 21 and over. Call 305-532-2667 or visit

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