Strange Days at Bar Last Saturday: A Recap

"Alex Diaz, Eric Lopez-Zareno (Teepee), and Ed Wilcox* are a true super group," says Matt Preira, promoter of this past Saturday night's event at Bar, Strange Days. He continues, "Their individual projects have garnered a great deal of acclaim, and as a trio they are unstoppable."

Miami's music and art scene right now is similar to New York City in the early '70s. Instead of going to Max's Kansas City to watch Velvet Underground, we go to Vagabond to chill with AHOL. We have so many great artists, and we are slowly forming a solid team of doers. But now ladies and gentlemen, without any further type of segue, let's ask Matt P. about Strange Days #4, which melted our hearts like slices of American cheese this past Saturday night.

It's a little past midnight this past Saturday, and we're sitting in the back patio at Bar, where one could hear some sort of nu-metal blaring from Vagabond next door. Matt is wearing a T-shirt with a picture of rapper Rick Ross on the front. He is quite articulate, and gestures with his hands while smoking a cigarette.

"Strange Days is about setting up shop on Miami night life's premier strip (14th Street) and working outside of the usual parameters," he begins. "For Strange Days, I construct lineups featuring eclectic, multi-genre acts and novel performances."

He continues, "Bar is the perfect place to host an event like this because it is a branch of O.H.W.O.W." He pauses and smiles. "I get to throw a really weird party here once a month."

We go back inside Bar and watch one of the bands performing (see video above). It is improvisational noise, with a little jazz thrown in. The three performers wail away at some sort of intangible force. The crowd applauds and we walk back outside to continue our discussion.

"They engage so vigorously with each other," he says regarding the band. Matt then hands me a drink ticket as he is surrounded by a seemingly upper echelon of art folks, disappearing into an abyss. Wow, a complimentary drink! Thank you. I meet a woman at the bar. She says, "I won't give you my phone number, but here is my blog."

Strange Days are upon us, fo sho. Every day is a strange day; every family is a strange family. Do you "laugh" when you hear something funny? Strange things seem to happen on a moment to moment basis. I personally find it strange being a human in the first place. The way we walk around on two legs texting each other, eating food, and inevitably having to face that mystery known as death. It is strange, this wonderful experience known as life!

So many people on this little planet, it spins around the sun as I get out of bed, and I just know that strange things are going to happen. Where are you? Maybe you are an alien, reading this on your space ship monitor. Now, wouldn't that be strange?

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