Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart's Heart and Soul Tour at BankAtlantic Center August 4

The people that knew me before Fleetwood Mac don't think I've changed very much," Stevie Nicks recently said while promoting her latest record, In Your Dreams, on CBS This Morning. "It's the songs that change; it's not so much me that changes."

But Nicks has changed. And that's not a bad thing. "We all did drugs because everybody else was doing drugs," she said, admitting she's been sober for "a long time," replacing cocaine and prescription pills with her first passion, music. Similarly, two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Rod Stewart's coke days are behind him.

"[Cocaine] used to be a great novelty," Stewart said in a 2005 interview with Britain's Daily Mirror. "Now it seems every Tom, Dick, and Harry can get their hands on it because it's become so widespread. Every day I read in the papers and hear about so many people whose lives are ruined by drugs — cocaine, Ecstasy, the lot."

Together, Stevie Nicks and Rod Stewart have chosen to pour their heart and soul into music instead of drugs. And fittingly enough, that's also the name of their tour.

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