Steven Tyler Passes Out in the Shower! His Five Most Embarrassing Moments

Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler used to be the quintessential writhing, wrapped-in-spandex rock 'n' roll sex symbol.

Remember when this guy used to get Jagger levels of respect for his Pterodactyl vox, sleazy stage presence, and his big ol' Mick-like lips? Well, these days anyone ever wants to talk about is how he wears more makeup than his daughter, or whatever stupid shit he said on American Idol last night.

Poor Stevie's transition from cool to fool has been a long and bumpy road. Here are our top (or bottom) five lowlights.

5. Steven Tyler Passes Out in the Shower

Tyler's most recent snafu -- passing out in a shower and knocking out his two front teeth -- ranks at number five because, while walking around like an NHL defenseman may be embarrassing, it's not really Steven's fault he got knocked out by food poisoning.

4. Steven Tyler Falls Off a Stage

Number four is significantly more embarrassing. This tumble not only took place onstage during a live performance, it was also projected on a Jumbotron and preserved forever on YouTube.

3. Steven Tyler's Naughty Nana Daisy Dukes

Who cares if the man is falling in public? This is how he dresses himself in private.

2. Steven Tyler Dresses His Daughter Like a Skanky Schoolgirl

Seriously, WTF!

1. Steven Tyler Gets Kicked Out of His Own Fucking Band

Every now and then, Joe Perry comes out of the woodwork to tell the world Aerosmith is looking for a new lead singer. Ol' Stevie has become such an embarrassment even that douchebag Ricky Laurent would make a better replacement.

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