Steve Bug and Camea Play Space On Saturday

I can pretty much blame Steve Bug for how I first acquired a taste for

minimal. I didn't always get minimal --I used to have a hard time

grasping its tedious repetitiveness, the absence of real melody and

conventional song structure. Then a couple years ago I heard a

compilation mix Bug put together and all of a sudden that stripped-down

glitchy funk sound made all the sense in the world. His outstanding

track selections and the seamless narrative flow of his mixing showed

me the light. That's because Steve Bug has earned his reputation as the

world's foremost minimal dance connoisseur precisely for his impeccable

musical taste and knack for picking out the finest sounds from the

minimal underground and bringing them to the forefront of the scene.

Bug's headlining debut appearance at Space this Saturday night is rather

emblematic of the heights he has reached since he begun his career

spinning records at a small bar, ironically near Ibiza's own club

Space, in the early '90s. He has since gone on to establish Pokerflat

and Dessous Recordings -two of the top labels in minimal techno and

house- released numerous mix compilations, including his beloved

Bugnology series, and kept a busy hand in his own production work and

DJ globetrotting.

Steve Bug will be joined at Space this saturday by DJ/producer Camea,

one of the fastest-rising stars in the international minimal scene. As

co-owner of the highly-succesful Clink Recordings label, Camea works

closely with a world-class team of artists including Alexi Delano, Tony

Rohr, Elon, and Adultnapper. In just a couple of years, she has

acquired wide recognition for her sophisticated production style and

darkly sexy and funked-up DJ sets. With esteemed locals Maurizio &

Danyelino and Dsan Powell spinning in support of Steve Bug and Camea,

Saturday is poised to be one hell of a night for techno in Miami!

Steve Bug and Camea at Space. Saturday, May 30, 2009 at 11 p.m.-12 p.m. 34 NE 11th St, Miami.

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Sean Levisman

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