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Steve Berke, Ex-Miami Beach Mayoral Candidate, Drops "Pot Shop" Marijuana Rap

What you know about the science of marijuana?

We've been asking policy makers the same thing for decades, tirelessly fighting for a little leniency from the long dick of the law and its perpetual screwing-over of non-violent, tax-paying, responsibly recreational pot smokers around the country.

But it always seems to fall on deaf ears, ignored by local municipalities, Rick Scott, and lawmakers in Washington D.C.

Perhaps we should take Miami Beach comedian and former mayoral candidate Steve Berke's approach. He uploaded "Pot Shop," a parody of Macklemore and Lewis' "Thrift Shop," onto his YouTube channel in an effort to (a) draw laughs and (b) highlight the medicinal benefits of Mary Jane.

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"What you know about the science of marijuana?" Berke raps on the track. "What you know about people suffering from glaucoma?/They need it, they need it, it helps them with their condition/If don't believe me, then just ask some eye physicians."

YouTube videos have been a part of Berke's comedic repertoire for several years. When he ran for Miami Beach Mayor in 2011, the candidate highlighted his political platform with a Bruno Mars parody piece.

Promising to "keep clubs open till 5 [a.m.]" and "fight for gay marriage rights," and decriminalize marijuana, among other things, Berke reworked the lyrics to Mars's "Grenade" in an effort to draw attention to some of Miami Beach's hottest issues.

"I never planned to [run for mayor]" Berke said in a May 2011 New Times profile. "There are way too many embarrassing pictures of me online. Just go on Facebook; there are thousands of pictures of me drunk. But the more I thought about it, the more I was like, 'The mayor of Miami Beach should know how to party.'"

His constituents disagreed.

Berke lost the election, receiving about a quarter of the votes and ultimately losing to the incumbent, Mayor Matti Bower.

But even without an elected position, Berke's still championing for pot reform.

Berke 2016.

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