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Steve Angello Playing LIV, Spends "More Time Mixing Than With My Daughter"

If Tiësto is the Led Zeppelin of Electronic Dance Music, a title bestowed upon the Dutch DJ by 1,400 beat freaks who took our recent poll, what does that make Steve Angello?

He's one-third of EDM royal family Swedish House Mafia, the only crew powerful enough attempt an Ultra upstaging by hosting a giant masquerade party the same weekend as dance music's biggest festival. Angello's one of the only dudes who can drop heavy beats and dope remixes sans headphones, addressing allegations of playing pre-recorded medleys with a big fuck off.

"I don't have to prove myself that I'm able to mix," he tweets when rumors fly. "I've done that my whole life and spend more time mixing than with my daughter."

And what?

This dude's a hard ass--living, breathing proof that house music trumps fatherhood.

Opting for time away from his family and a fat check from club promoters yet again, Angello's hitting the decks at LIV on Friday, February 3. The one-night engagement mere foreplay compared to what he and his SHM crew are bringing the following month to their Masquerade Motel.

Like his buddy Sebastian Ingrosso says, "they're going to fuck this place in the pussy."

Steve Angello. Friday, February 3 at 11 p.m., LIV (4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach). Tickets are $75 on

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