Steve Angello at Amnesia Miami June 1

Soon he'll be tackling UMF Poland in Warsaw and coheadlining Hackney Weekend in London with the likes of Jay-Z, Rihanna, and Kasabian. But this weekend, Swedish House Mafia's Steve Angello will swing through South Beach to get his Miami fix.

The 29-year-old DJ will perform live at Amnesia Miami this Friday. And before he digs into his bleepity-bloopity arsenal of electronic dance music and drops a bass-heavy set of club bangers, we thought it'd be fun to share a few of the SHM made man's often unintentionally funny, sometimes inspiring tweets.

"Cleaning out the computer is like taking a shower after a mud bath!" Ain't that the truth, brother? No matter how hard you scrub, you'll still smell like shit. Similarly, no matter how many GBs you clear up, there'll always be some hidden porn files eating away at your RAM.

"There's so much to life, I don't see how people can be blinded by negativity. Being negative is a sign of weakness. Easy way out." Negative people suck. And while we're on the subject, blind folks should see more things on the bright side.

"Be the change you wish to see in the world!" Easier said than done, but inspiring nevertheless. Sometimes bumper-sticker messages really hit home.

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