StandUp For Kids at Transit Lounge This Saturday

Maybe it's the result of years of Catholic school affecting me during this time of the year.  More likely, I'm just campaigning for a free tab at Transit Lounge (c'mon guys...how many posts do I have to write before I qualify??).  Whatever the case, I find myself compelled for the second time this week to point your attention in the direction of another opportunity for you to do something good for your fellow man.  Or child, as the case may be.


This Saturday StandUp For Kids will be holding an event at Transit Lounge to raise funds for this worthy cause.  Among offerings for the philanthropic-minded will be drink specials, raffles, live art and of course, excellent music.  Two local acts will lend support as Puerto Rican R&B singer-songwriter Jean and Miami legends and Grammy-nominated fusion jam band Locos Por Juana will be performing live.


StandUp For Kids is a nonprofit dedicated to alleviating youth homelessness across the country by providing programs that offer information, outreach, resources and shelter.  Youth homelessness is a tragic problem common in many cities across the country, and Miami is far from excluded from the list.  On the contrary.  So help a worthy cause and head out to transit this Saturday.  You can wake up hungover, but guilt-free, thanks to the knowledge that you did a good deed.


StandUp For Kids' event at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1st Ave. Miami, FL 33130), featuring Locos Por Juana and Jean will take place Saturday, Match 7th at 10pm.


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