Spam Allstars, Playing Alba Lounge This Friday

Spam...it's not just for breakfast anymore. And, really, if ever you've eaten it, you know you're not missing much in the canned foods department. Spam for your ears, however, is a whole other ballgame. And this Friday, the new Sunny Isles boutique hotel Solé On the Ocean is serving it up hot at their Alba Lounge.

"This is our first time at Alba," says DJ Le Spam. "We're looking forward to it!" He goes on to (we're guessing only half) joke, "I love venues that are close to my house."

Solé's been making a good go of creating buzz around the recently opened digs, what with their unplugged Caramelos de Cianura show just last week, 4th of July festivities and an agenda full of party time for Labor Day this weekend. And as aforementioned, Spam Allstars will be carrying the musical workload on Friday night. "We're the perfect band for a labor day party," says DJ Le Spam, "because we're always working!"

Anyone keeping up can attest to that. Spam Allstars are one of the hardest gigging acts our fair city has to offer. Aside of the weekly residence at Hoy Como Ayer on Thursday nights, the Allstars recently had a gig in Hotlanta and at Electric Pickle last week, and they'll be playing all weekend, following their Alba show on Friday with a show at Dada in Delray Saturday, and Bardot on Sunday.

As if that weren't enough, it seems Le Spam is also involved in the upcoming documentary Square Grouper, based on the pot game in the '70s and directed and produced by acclaimed director and all around local boy Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U), cluing us in that he's "mostly been locked up here in the studio trying to complete the score."

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