Spam Allstars Pay Tribute to Perez Prado, This Saturday

It's time for some cubaneo, party people. You know you've been wanting it. Well, we got some for you right here. And what better celebration of Cubiche culture than the music of the late, great Perez Prado? For the uninitiated, Prado is to this day considered the King of Mambo, having composed and recorded as bandleader mambo hits like the unexpectedly named Mambo No. 8 and Mambo No.5, the latter of which you no doubt recall from Lou Bega's funky, funky remake ("wait, wait a minute!"). Bidi-bidi-bop aside, the bandleader continues to be respected and cherished as a genuine symbol of Cuba's rich musical landscape even today.

The only question in paying him tribute, one would imagine, was who could do the man justice? The answer came in the form of the Spam Allstars, of course--the Miami-natives responsible for some of the sickest descarga hybrids, melding urban styles and sounds like hip hop and funk with Afro-Cuban roots, led by their own musical genius at the helm as bandleader, the shiny-domed DJ Le Spam.

The whole affair goes down this Saturday at the Key Biscayne Beach Club thanks to Rhythm Foundation. The price tag on this one's a bit steep--100 cocos a head--but includes dinner, open bar, and of course, the aforementioned descarga in honor of Perez Prado. That's right, I said open bar. You guys drink $100 just during pregame, so what've you got to lose? Besides, it's a fund raiser.

For more info and ticket purchases, head here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.