SpaceGhostPurrp on Releasing Mysterious Phonk LP and "Fightin' Fake Motherf$&#ers"

See SpaceGhostPurrp's win for Best Solo Artist in Miami New Times' Best of Miami 2012.

Shrouded in all-black swag, SpaceGhostPurrp can be a seriously mysterious dude. And from the very moment he began haunting the Internet's music blogs in the late winter of 2011, this enigmatically spooky Miami rapper has been carefully cultivating a cryptic mystique.

His rhymes sound like the sudden verbal outbursts of a psychedelic street hustler on synthetic THC. His Twitter posts and Facebook status updates are routinely rendered in a semisecret language that substitutes letters and numbers for geometric shapes and arcane symbols. His official biography is a mystical maze of mixed messages, twisted fiction, and hard fact.

At the peak of this myth-making, there were even some skeptics who suspected that SpaceGhostPurrp didn't exist outside the digital realm.

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S. Pajot