SpaceGhostPurpp's Website Got Hacked by an 11-Year-Old Rapper Named Lil Shark

Here at Crossfade, we have mad love for SpaceGhostPurrp, but not everyone shares our feelings.

In fact, some offhand remarks about bad rap music have got 11-year-old rapper Lil Shark feelin' more than just some type of way. The whitest kid in hip-hop not only put out a less-than-scathing diss track freestyle, he hacked SGP's website.

These darn kids and their computers, amirite?

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According to music blog pigeonsandplanes.com, the whole thing started when SpaceGhostPurrp decided it was time to take down all the crap rappers in the industry.

Part of this attack led him to Lil Shark, a prepubescent child from Augusta, Georgia, who raps about getting drunk in Walmart parking lots and fucking bitches, even though it sounds like his voice is still cracking. The Internet is a magical place to grow up.

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Lil Shark quickly retaliated with the "Fuck SGP! Freestyle," which sounds exactly as you might imagine.

But most impressively, he had someone hack Purrp's website. The homepage is nothing but an advert for Lil Shark's mixtape, complete with download link.

Of course, SGP is pretty pissed about the prank. Apparently, all the attention he's getting is not quite what he would want.

But his many fans seem to have his back.

All this comes hot on the heels of his Mystical Maze 2 release, produced by the SpaceGhost himself.

And yes, it's a decidedly more mature musical experience than The Shark Tank.

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