Danny Tenaglia helps Space reopen on October 9.

Space Reopens October 9 With the Help of Danny Tenaglia


is still giving us the silent treatment, but it's widely known that the nightclub's reopening on October 9 with

Danny Tenaglia

. We never bought

the news of an "Ibiza-style closing."

Considering that the club is closed during the beginning of the high season, the excuse just didn't make sense. Our sources say the only reason Space closed was to remodel the aging nightclub.

We've also heard the nightclub is taking over the former Parkwest building next door, and joining the two to make an even bigger megaclub. The reason, we are told, they are doing this is to attract different crowds, with dance music and hip-hop taking over the larger rooms.

We had other rumors we wanted to address, but partner Emi Guerra and marketing

director Louis Diaz did not return our request for comment. Here are the

questions we emailed to them:

1. Will patrons find anything different when Space reopens in October?

As more and more residents are filling up the condos around the Park

West district, what is Space doing to keep from being labeled a

"nuisance" and live peacefully aside its neighbors?
3. Rumor is Space

is expanding to include the old Parkwest nightclub, which would

basically cause Space to double in size. Is that true? If so, are you

confident you can fill up such an enormous space?
4. Another rumor

we've heard is of Louis Puig's departure or imminent departure from

Space. Is this true? If so, what does this mean for the nightclub?
5. What other acts can we expect to be behind the decks this fall?

Tickets for Space's reopening party with Danny Tenaglia are on sale now for $40 via wantickets.com. If you are dead-set on attending, make sure to buy your tickets now, or expect to pay $80 the day of.

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