Space Between Words Opening Magnetron Recording Studios in South Miami Arts District

"Fucking badass!"

That's how Cubed, the bass player and so-called "15th Level Wizard of Sound Manipulation" for local groove crew Space Between Words, describes his band's latest project: Magnetron Studios.

"It's in the heart of the South Miami art district," SBW singer and guitar guy Steven Weingarth adds. "We partnered up with Max Axe Guitars, who graciously gave us a bit over 600 square feet of their music gear gallery to create our sweet studio.

"It's like walking into a musician's heaven."

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"It's a big space with four badass walls!" Cubed enthuses. "We're constructing big movable boom walls, so that we can reshape the room into whatever the recording requires and to experiment with room dynamics."

"Tons of guitars and amps line the walls as you make your way into the actual recording space," Steven says. "We're really trying to create a stress-free and comfortable environment that massages your creativity."

Space Between Words' recording studio will operate alongside the band's already existing Magnetron Publishing company, assisting independent musicians with marketing and legal matters while also encouraging them to take control of their own careers.

"We've been using our own publishing company ever since we put out our first album," Steven explains. "Every musician should own their own publishing company. Later on down the road, if they score a licensing plug or good radio play, they'll take home a larger percentage as a result."

Or as Cubed puts it: "More money in your pocket equals more bacon in your tummy."

That emphasis on helping out fellow musicians also means that Space Between Words and Magnetron Studios won't be ripping anybody off.

"We're not looking for walk-ins or to to sell studio time by the hour," Steven insists. "We all have SBW to think about and pretty sweet day jobs. So this isn't our bread and butter. We want to take in serious musicians with long-term vision and drive that have the potential to make impact and highlight South Florida's talent."

Cubed totally concurs. "Hours put undue pressure on the product," he says. "If I'm their sitting over you clocking in hours and you're just trying to lay everything down in a rush, it is not going to come out as remarkable as it would if you took your time. Again, we are trying to leave room for inspiration. Last fucking thing I want to hear after I am done mastering is should of, could of, would of. Fuck that. Paying hourly is a racket."

In the end, the Magnetron mission is simple. "We're not trying to change the scene," Steven explains. "We're just trying to help people out.

"If it inspires South Florida musicians to work together and pay it forward, then that's awesome. There are a lot of people working hard to cultivate the Miami music community, like Ferny Coipel and the Shack, Craig Rittenhouse with his Surviving Miami Compilation Project, and Jota of Radioboxer with his Miami Musicians Get Together.

"We're just doing our part. And hopefully, we can get the industry to notice South Florida has great eclectic music to offer.

"Without," Steven deadpans, "having to light buildings on fire or eat someone's face."

Space Between Words' Studio Launch Party. With the Vilifiers and Orange Flight. Saturday, October 20. Fox's Sherron Inn, 6030 S. Dixie Hwy., South Miami. The party starts at 10 p.m. and there's no cover. Call 305-661-9201.

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