Space Between Words on the Miami Scene: "Live Music Has Always Been an Uphill Battle"

Our city's subtropical club-goers have always loved the dance music. However, Space Between Words lead singer Steven Weingarth insists there's something rocking in Miami.

"Live music here has always been an uphill battle, but now there are genuine pockets that are blooming and flourishing."

Weingarth's band released one of the most dazzling local debuts of 2010 with And We All Follow The Sun, full of garage fuzz and psychedelic flourish. Since then, he and his mates have toured the country and released a well-received live follow-up.

One might think they would leave their home city behind for more traditional locales, but not so, says the frontman.

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"Miami's the home that I always returned to no matter where I've been," Weingarth explains.

"Now I want to give back. We want to make people see that we can do in Miami what they've done in New York, Los Angeles, and London. We have to have a sense of community here, where bands can get big and can give back."

Leading by example, he and Space Between Words have built their own recording studio, Magnetron, in South Miami.

"There are so many other bands in Miami today that are way more talented than us," says Weingarth, modestly. "But they don't have the luxury of putting out a track, or the understanding of how to go about it, or they've been screwed over by a label. So this is the philosophy of the studio, to help bands out to record. We have the technology. We can even press our own vinyl. We are a band that's trying to help out other bands."

Already, three bands have recorded albums at Magnetron, and none were charged a cent. But that's not just because these are nice guys; Weingarth and the band have an honest reverence for their home city and a desire to create something special here.

This weekend, local live-music lovers will get a chance to see the fruits of some of these artists' labor as Space Between Words gets together with fellow Miami bands Sunghosts and the Vilifiers for a split single release party at Will Call Miami.

If Weingarth and his mates have their way, this will not be the last event, but the first of many.

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"We're gonna keeping sending this stuff out into the universe so people realize that there's something happening here in Miami."

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Space Between Words, Sunghosts, and the Vilifiers' Vinyl Split Release. 9 p.m. Saturday, April 5. Will Call, 700 NE Second Ave., Miami. Admission is free. The first 50 concertgoers will receive a complimentary copy of Space Between Words, Sunghosts, and the Vilifiers' new record. Ages 21 and up. Call 305-577-5900 or visit willcallmiami.com.

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