Space Between Words at the Stage July 23

At precisely 8 p.m. Saturday, July 23, local groove crew Space Between Words, pop-rock dynamo Radioboxer, the Deadly Blank, ACE (the Artist Collective Extravaganza), and approximately 600 friends will mob the Design District, descending upon the Stage for a mega-event that's being modestly called the Awesome Show.

According to Space Between Words' guitar guy and singer, Steven Weingarth: "People can expect a night of art in many different forms, attacking your sensory organs and filling your brain with beautiful, warm feelings that trickle down your body to your toes and make you want to dance."

But the mission of this mobbing goes beyond awesomeness and good vibes. "Jota from Radioboxer, Molly from ACE, and I have been trying to get people working together to create great experiences," Weingarth explains. "We're trying to create a sense of community within our scene. I'm tired of seeing everyone compete — or being tricked into competing by people who want to take advantage of our talents, our friends, and fans."

"Miami is a beautiful beast, and she gives birth to a lot of talent," he says. "And I really believe that if we work together, we can make the world around her realize it."

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S. Pajot