Southern Culture on the Skids

Rowdy, rambunctious, and oozing spit, grit and verve, Southern Culture on the Skids showcases the full frenzy of the band's unhinged road show with this long-overdue live set. Anyone familiar with this trailer-park trio's white-trash anthems should already know what to expect, and indeed the Skids deliver with a succession of high-volume tirades in the guise of garage-bred boogie and rockabilly raveups. However, the uninitiated ought to take note: Any music that celebrates boozin', cruisin', juke joints, and cheap motels also demands you kinda had to have been there to fully appreciate the sweat-drenched vibe. On the album, there's not a lot to appreciate other than the band's bluster and some full-throttle onslaughts. Nevertheless there's an occasional hint of clarity finding its way to the surface — albeit momentarily — via the sturdy, soulful romp "Hittin' on Nothin'"; the assertive, determined rocker "Just How Lonely"; and the Link Wray/Dick Dale-inspired fretwork that rips through "Meximelt" and "Whole Lotta Things." Even so, Doublewide and Live will mostly appeal to all of those good ol' boys and down-home gals who like their music loud, their beer cheap, their barbecue greasy, and their necks a sure shade of red. For those who can identify: This, bud, is for you.
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Lee Zimmerman