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South by South Florida: Every You Head to SXSW Next Week

This week, we'll highlight the biggest South Florida acts making the trip to Austin, Texas, for the South by Southwest Music Conference March 17-21. First, Fort Lauderdale's Every You.

Every You is a band that makes each track count. With only a handful of recorded songs by way of an EP that dropped last August to its credit, it's creating considerable, well-deserved chatter for itself. The four youths out of Fort Laudie have a particularly polished sound and some damned catchy tuneage.

A Change of Scene's six tracks stick with you and sound surprisingly mature, considering that the band got together only two years ago. Touching on love and loss but managing to stay upbeat and optimistic, tracks like "Set Us Apart," "Piece of My Mind," and the title track are at once reminiscent of another pop-punk band from the Sunshine State, Jacksonville's Yellowcard. This punk-pop Ocean Avenue-ness is especially strong on "A Change of Scene" and "Piece of My Mind."

The band's dance card has stayed full since the EP's release. Aside from recent shows in Orlando and Pensacola, Every You has a busy schedule ahead of it in Austin for SXSW, including four performances, with one Saturday at Dirty Dogs Bar.

Look for our next South by South Florida installment on Wednesday.

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Christopher Lopez